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This is a small collection but it gets filled up with leaks! Amanda-Seyfried leaked 8 0 comments 47905 hits• Amanda-Seyfried leaked 15 0 comments 46935 hits• Amanda-Seyfried leaked 16 0 comments 51780 hits• "My ADR for Linda Lovelace was, like, slurping," Seyfried explained.

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Our story goes back in time when Amanda dated actor Justin Long, as they went on their first holiday as a couple.

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She then lies back on the bed in her underwear, showing some cleavage in her bra as the guy leans over to kiss her neck and chest until suddenly they hear a noise and stop.

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My point I guess was clear and exactly like this : just in hope for a better society men should understand one day that respect to a woman is one of the most essential things in life, exactly as respecting a woman it proves that you respect yourself.

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This is what proper female empowerment is all about and people like Amanda will have this for the rest of their lives, just like Susan Sarandon and Sophia Loren.

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Amanda-Seyfried leaked 5 0 comments 54852 hits• In no way this is my intention, my intention was just trying to show you that achieving a little respect to women it would be a benefit to your life and actually to every men lives.

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Furthermore, they way you keep telling me that one day I will truly understand whatever it is that you bleat about is purely both your egotism needing to be justified and your conscience being eased that someone like me will supposedly see the error of my ways and become emotionally neutered just to please you.

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She then hops into bed with a guy, who pulls the covers down, revealing her topless backside.

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Now that she's a global superstar, everyone is zoned in on her like a hawk.